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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants in Sammamish

How much do dental implants cost? 

Dental implant surgery costs vary based on a few factors like:
- How many implants you need.
- The type of implants you'll use.
- Implant position in the mouth (top or bottom jaw).
- If you need treatments to prepare for surgery. For example if you have other oral health concerns like infection or bone weakness.

Contacting us is the only way to estimate of the cost of your dental implant surgery.

Note that some dental insurance policies cover part of the cost of implants.

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What are the different types of dental implants? 

There are two types:

1. Endosteal Implants. These are the most common and screw in to the jaw. They secure one or more artificial teeth each.

2. Subperiosteal Implants. use a metal frame and fit over the jawbone and under the gums. Oral surgeons use this option when people don’t have enough bone height in their jaw.

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What are the potential complications? 

After the procedure you might experience the following issues:
- Altered sensation in the surgical area caused by nerve damage.
- Dental implant movement.
- Post surgery infection or pain.
- An implant anchor that's visible above the gums.

If you experience any of these you might need extra treatments. That could include more surgery to improve the health of the bone and gums. Or you may need to remove and replace the implant to make it stable and sit right.

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